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MYCOR Ltd. was founded with the residence in Berlin. The purpose of the company is the development and marketing of the innovative and functional raw materials and final products for the agriculture as well as for food and cosmetics fields. Analysis service of plant and soil samples, for example, in the context of quality assurance or as monitoring of development processes complement the product and service portfolio.

Through many years of experience of the people involved in strategic planning and implementation of various product development there is a complex network of interested partners from science and economy so that the new ideas can be implemented purposefully and promptly. Due to a very close research and development cooperation with Anhalt University (FH) the innovation of the company is additionally strengthened. Market relevant trends and developments are taken into account at an early stage and corresponding product developments are realized.


Mycorrhiza is a symbiosis between plant and fungus, a biocoenosis, both partners benefit equally. It is as old as the plants themselves: Already 400 million years ago, terrestrial plants and fungi formed a symbiosis in order to adapt optimally to their environment and improve their living conditions. In doing so, the hyphae of the fungus bond with the root network of the plant and penetrate its cells, forming a fine network structure. This indirectly increases the surface area for nutrient and water absorption. In particular, the supply of vital phosphates and nitrogen is facilitated by the fungus, which makes the plant grow significantly faster and makes it much stronger. In return, the fungus is supplied with photosynthetic products by the plant.

In addition, mycorrhizal plants exhibit a higher resistance against pathogens and pollutants in the soil, thus the fungus can enable or improve plant growth in problematic locations and be used for recultivation purposes.

In co-operation with the Leibnitz Institute of Plant Biochemistry in Halle/Saale, we develop mycorrhiza preparations according to the latest scientific standards for agricultural use, which offers an efficient, sustainable way for cultivating ecological products profitably.

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